***UPDATE*** I just wanted to take a moment and update my review. The service manager did reach out to me and apologize and they refunded the second labor charge so I now feel a lot better about the situation. I used to really like this place. They completely ruined that for me this week. I took it there on Tuesday to have the battery replaced because the battery light came on and the car had to be jump-started. I would have thought it was standard procedure to check the alternator when installing the new battery but apparently not. When I tried to go to work on Wednesday, the battery light came back on and I had to turn around and go home. I took it back in to Precision Tires Plus to have it checked and this time they told me that the alternator was bad. I know that they had to charge me for the alternator but I don't think I should have been charged for labor because if they would have checked the alternator when they installed the battery I wouldn't have had to bring the car back and have a second labor charge. All together I had to pay over $700 for a battery and alternator replacement which is absolutely ridiculous! I've got to wonder if the result would have different if I was a man. Also the genius that ran my card for payment pulled the card out too soon and had to run it again so now I have almost $900 in holds on my account so I can't even use my debit card at the moment.

Kristi, we sincerely value your business and the relationship we have built through the time you have been coming to our shop. Our technicians are having to work extra hard at the moment due to being understaffed and we will admit that we missed some crucial things during your visit. You are correct, we should have tested your alternator while you were in and provided you with a digital inspection. We apologize for the inconveniences and would love to make this situation right and continue having you as a customer, so we will be reaching out to you shortly.

- Precision Tires Plus

Neat and clean customer area with nice folks working there. I've taken two vehicles in now. The first was a full set of tires installed, and it was flawless. The second was a "hurry and help" request with A nail in my tire. Both times, the staff dropped me off at work a few blocks away and coordinated my pickup or car return. I would use this shop again.

Thank you so much for this great review and for trusting us with your vehicles, Cindy & Mike! We are happy that we were able to get some new tires installed and also help in a pinch with the nail. We are always here to help and look forward to seeing you again next time you are in need of auto repairs!

- Precision Tires Plus

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