Auto Mechanical Services in Paris, IL

Mobil One Full Synthetic

We offer Mobil One Full Synthetic Oil Changes, be sure to request Mobil One when making your appointment.

Mobil One Full Synthetic Oil Changes in Paris, IL - Precision Tires Plus
Car Tune Ups in Paris, IL - Precision Tires Plus

Tune Ups - Mechanical Repair

Need new spark plugs, maybe a new thermostat, we can perform most minor mechanical work and provide a nationwide warranty, for added peace of mind!

Brake Repair

Hearing noise when you press the brake pedal? Vibration in the steering wheel during braking? We can perform a brake inspection and let you know what it will take to fix the problem!

Paris Brake Repair - Precision Tires Plus
Car Alignments in Paris, IL - Precision Tires Plus


Does your car pull to one side, or have a vibration. Have us check your alignment, we will have your car driving perfectly again in no time!

Oil Changes

From conventional, semi-synthetic to full synthetic oil, we have you covered! We not only change your oil and filter, we perform a multi-point inspection on your vehicle at no additional charge! Schedule your service today!

Paris Oil Changes - Precision Tires Plus
Car Fluid Flushing in Paris, IL - Precision Tires Plus

Fluid Flushing Now Available!

We now offer coolant, brake fluid and transmission fluid flushes. Call today for more details and to schedule an appointment!

Now Offering Fluid Flush Services

We have the latest technology in Transmission, Brake Fluid and Coolant Flush equipment. Call today for information on how to keep your vehicle in top condition, and following OEM service intervals. Depending on the mileage of your vehicle, warranties may be available as an added protection.

Car Fluid Flushing - Precision Tires Plus
Auto Fluids Flushing in Paris, IL - Precision Tires Plus

Flushing is better than changing fluid!

When you just drain old fluid and replace with new fluid, old fluid remains and parts have residue from that old fluid. When you flush the system you remove more of the old fluid and help wash away the residue built up on internal parts.

Additives insure Maximum Cleaning and Protection!

We have several additives for use with the flush processes, as well as additives for your fuel and lubrication systems! Ask about warranty protection in case of breakdown, be better protected from the cost of mechanical breakdowns.

Car Additives in Paris, IL - Precision Tires Plus

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